Prescott Metro Inn Kajang

A languid haven for the weary traveler. Situated at the heart of Kajang, A bustling city in Selangor, our hotel provides the most accessible and strategic location for you to experience the warmth and vibrancy of this thriving city. Our Kajang hotel is accessible via the North South Highway, the Grand Saga Highway as well as the Middle Ring Road II. We only believe in providing you the most luxurious amenities in prices that you could only imagine in your dreams. Our Hotel at Kajang is a magnificent 3-star haven that will answer your needs for comfort, convenience as well as affordability.


Prescott Metro Inn Kajang houses 102 rooms. We would be very happy to provide you the best selections for your needs on space, amenities and preferences. With this hotel in Kajang, immerse yourself to the most calming feeling with our well ventilated rooms, fantastic entertainment system, communication as well as other benefits specially created to feel like your very own home, or even better. Our amazing staff on our hotel in Kajang will be most happy to provide the services you need and our hospitable nature will surely make you feel at home and taken care of all the time. We also provide Wi-Fi services so you can get connected without any hassles.


Here at our prestigious 3-star hotels in Kajang, we made sure that our location will maximize your traveling experiences and will let you see the beautiful and lively cityscapes of Kajang. Go to the most famous landmarks of the city or immerse yourself to the delectable Sate Kajang with an easy route around the city. When you get back to the Prescott Metro Inn, you will find yourself enjoying our fantastic services. Take pleasure in a day of swimming in our well furnished Mewah Club. We have a restaurant serving luxurious and amazingly Malaysian cuisine, or your give in to your taste for international cuisines. You can also experience true executive treatment with our business facilities ranging from ball rooms to private banquets to seal those deals.


True luxury does not need to be impractical. Here at our proud hotels in Kajang, we can certainly give you the most beautiful experience at a very affordable price. We can undoubtedly give you the most exciting experiences here at Prescott Metro Inn and feel the heartwarming hospitality and modernity of Kajang.


Experience the true comfort, convenience and affordability only here at Prescott Metro Inn.

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Kajang Hotel Tourism

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